Flat Pack Herbs
There are many grow your own herb kits currently available. The idea behind this variation was to reduce the amount of waste used in packaging. The Flat Pack Herbs kit features a fold-up pot which also acts as a large part of the package itself. All together the kit includes the pot, compacted compost, and seeds- everything needed to grow herbs at home.
Design & Development
The primary design challenge was creating a pot that was able to both ship flat and fold up without letting moisture escape. Through a series of paper folding experimentations a successful design was established.
A system of connect the dots was applied to the interior of the pots. This helps the user assemble the pot in the correct orientation.
The fold-up pot was then incorporated into the full package. The design utilized the pot in its flat form to hold the compost disk and seeds within the package. Much of the remainder of the package could be torn up and placed into the bottom of the pot before the compost, helping to absorb moisture and reduce the risk of mold.